H&C control centre dispute moves to ballot

23rd April 2021

Dear Colleagues,


I write further to my previous Circular (IR/128/21, 31st March 2021), concerning the above matter, and where I informed Branches that an Avoidance of Dispute meeting had been planned.

Your Lead Officer has reported on the Avoidance of Dispute meeting where LUL presented a detailed proposal to your Representatives to address the multiple issues which led your union to enter into dispute with the company. At the meeting, the company were able to confirm that all existing agreements would be honoured - a single, but important issue, of many that is part of the dispute. On the other issues LUL indicated possible movement in their position and the meeting was adjourned, with a written proposal later submitted by the company.

Your NEC has met to consider the matter in light of both the Lead Officer's report and LUL's proposal and congratulates your Representatives and Lead Officer for having forced LUL to recognise the problems members are facing. However, LUL's offer to provide a comprehensive solution to the dispute has failed to adequately address members' concerns. Your NEC have therefore instructed that a ballot of our affected Service Operators, Service Controllers and Service Managers takes place for industrial action.

The ballot opens on Friday 23rd April 2021 and will close on Thursday 13th May 2021. It goes without saying that as soon as you receive your ballot paper you should do everything in your power to make sure it is returned to the independent scrutineer and you should encourage all RMT members in your workplace to use their vote. Any member not having received a ballot paper by Wednesday 5th May 2021 is asked to email info@rmt.org.uk. Alternatively, members can call the RMT freephone helpline on 0800 376 to request a replacement.

I am urging members to vote 'YES' to both questions in the ballot for industrial action. It is vital we receive a huge 'YES' vote so we can continue the fight for an agreeable settlement to the dispute for members. If the statutory thresholds are not met, then no industrial action can happen - even if members vote overwhelmingly 'yes' for both strike action and action short of a strike. Therefore, IF YOU DON'T VOTE - IT COUNTS AS A 'NO' VOTE. We cannot allow London Underground to win and use the draconian anti-trade union laws in this dispute.

I will keep branches informed of all further developments.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary