Fatigue - Station And Revenue Grades

This circular is from RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

The following resolution was adopted at the 2012 National Conference of Station and Associated Grades concerning fatigue. Subsequently, the General Grades Committee adopted the following report from the GGC Health & Safety Sub-committee:

“That we note the resolution from our National Conference of Station and Associated Grades 2012.

We note that a number of studies into work place fatigue within the transport agency are widely available. We therefore instruct the general Secretary to prepare a briefing into this matter to be placed back before this GGC as soon as is possible.

National Conference Secretary Station and Associated Grades to be advised.”

I have prepared a report which has been back in front of the GGC who made the following decision:

“We note the comprehensive report on fatigue in the transport industry and the number of factors contained in it that can lead to poor performance and can affect concentration.

Therefore we instruct the General Secretary to circulate this report to Branches, Regional Councils and a copy to be sent to the National Conference of Station & Associated Grades and GGC members.”

Please find the report attached and circulate it widely to all members, especially to reps involved with diagram and roster planning.

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