Breakdown in industrial relations at Hammersmith Service Control Centre


Over recent years, RMT Reps have raised various issues concerning recruitment and retention within Service Control to London Underground. However, management have failed to act to resolve these matters and having considered a report from the Lead Officer, the National Executive Committee has declared a breakdown in industrial relations at Hammersmith Service Control Centre due to the following:-

  1. Zero Hour Contracts. London Underground previously planned to bring retired members of staff back to perform Service Control jobs via agencies and on zero hours contracts. RMT rejected this proposal however, the Company still intends to employ Service Control Staff on zero hours contracts.
  2. Reduction in SLC2s. London Underground has now also brought forward a proposal to reduce the number of SLC2s on the roster at Hammersmith Service Control Centre
  3. Recognition of RMT Reps. London Underground is failing to observe the agreed machinery of negotiation in respect of recognition of Reps in the Service Control function.

In line with the NEC decision the Company has been informed that a dispute situation exists over the above. I will of course keep you advised of all further developments.