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LU stick two fingers up to the law and Bakerloo Drivers

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LU stick two fingers up to the law and Bakerloo Drivers

Double standards from London Underground have reached a new high. As all drivers are aware, RMT are campaigning for LU to see reason and comply with the law on the discrimination and victimisation of Eamonn Lynch. Eamonn followed instructions from the Network Rail signaller and Bakerloo Control Room and was sacked as a result.

Bakerloo News January 2011- Strike While the iron is hot!

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Strike while the iron is hot!

The RMT has called a further days strike action for Saturday 15th of January in the campaign to reinstate Eamonn Lynch.
The solid strike on December 18th shutdown the line and showed management that all drivers on the line know that sacking Eamonn Lynch is an injustice too far.
Just in case management still haven’t worked it out, drivers shutdown the line because:

Bakerloo News December issue 4

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Solidarity is alive and kicking!

On the 17th and 18th of December, the Bakerloo Line’s General Manager, Mr Lance Ramsey informed passengers “A proposed strike by drivers belonging to the RMT Union may affect Bakerloo line services on Saturday. Trains will continue to run on the line but your journey may take longer”.

Bakerloo News December issue 3

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Shutdown the Bakerloo Line on Saturday!

The LUL media department, aka Transport for Lies, have trotted out the usual rubbish on the eve of a strike on the tube.
As we are all to only aware, truth is the first casualty of war.

This strike is not just about Eamonn Lynch. This is about you!

Bakerloo Branch has produced a newsletter on upcoming strike to stop the victimisation of Eamonn Lynch. Click on the attachement to download it. Main story follows:

RMT calls strike action. Do not book on for any duty between 21:00 hours from Friday 17th of December until 20:59 Saturday 18th of December
This strike is not just about Eamonn Lynch. This is about you!

The Neasden Flyer - December 2010


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December 2010 Newsletter

The latest Branch newsletter features articles on the Tribunal Judge's ruling on Eamonn Lynch's sacking, the jobs and safety strike and LUL's Rainbow procedure.

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Bakerloo Branch AGM

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Thursday December 2nd at 15:00 hours, upstairs in the Clachan, Kingly Street, near Oxford Circus tube station.

Speakers include General Secretary, Bob Crow