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Newsletters produced by RMT branches within the London Transport region

Enormous RMT Success On Jubilee Line

Following the de-recognition of trains side rep Jason Moriarty the RMT has once again had fantastic success. Before the de recognition there was only one RMT train rep position for the east end of the Jubilee line, now there is TWO!

We now have

  • 1 Rep position at North Greenwich AND 1 Rep position at Stratford
  • 1 rep + 1 rep = 2 reps

There is an increase of RMT Train IR rep numbers from 33 to 34.

Bakerloo News October 2012

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Main stories follow:

LU’s detrainment procedure is unsafe!

It has been widely reported in the media and in the work place that an incident involving a 12 year old boy who was overcarried into the Queens Park north sheds has called into question London Underground’s detrainment procedures.

Jubilee South Branch October Newsletter

This months edition of Jubilee South Branch's newsletter has details on the previous meeting, an update on a Stratford representative who has been unrecognised by management and information on the upcoming demo against austerity.

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Jubilee South Branch September Newsletter - March Against Austerity Special

On 20th October the RMT will be marching alongside many other trade unions, community groups and tens of thousands of ordinary people from every corner of the UK . This is because we believe that austerity is not working.

The RMT will be marching against wholesale job cuts, attacks on the welfare state and cuts in public services. The Government in the UK is not punishing the few in the banking and finance sectors who caused the global financial crisis, instead it is hitting hardest on the working classes and the poorest in society who had no part in causing the global financial crisis.

RMT London Taxi Branch Urgent Press Release

LPH Notice 08/12 Dated 13.07.12

The RMT London Taxi Branch condemns absolutely the inflammatory and provocative statement to drivers at the conclusion of the notice that is intended to threaten drivers who wish to take part in a legitimate demonstration.

Driver who are members of this branch who are participating in the demonstration are assured of the following:

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Stratford No1 Branch Olympic Newsletter

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Exceptionally Busy

This summer will see Tube staff of all grades working really hard to transport Londoners and visitors during the Olympic period. With the main venue being in Stratford, the Olympic Games Live Sites in Victoria Park and Hyde Park, and Marathon Swimming and Triathlon event in Hyde Park, the Central Line -our RMT branch’s area -is right at the heart of it.

London Taxi News Spring 2012 Edition

The latest edition of London Taxi News, an anti-pedicab special, is now availale to download.

In this edition:

  • RMT London taxi branch calls for unity to save trade
  • Unity meeting discusses common approach to review
  • We can't rely on Boris
  • RMT scores major victory over pedicabs
  • Demo at Stratford a great success
  • United we stand - Implementation of identifiers has been greeted by the trade with different levels of

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Branch News From Stratford 1


With 44 years service and only 13 working days until his retirement, Steve Hover, a respected and well-liked Loughton driver, was summoned to attend a Local Disciplinary Interview (LDI) for infringing LUL’s punitive sickness policy, and given a vindictive 23-week warning.

Bakerloo news January 2012

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Main stories follow:

Back To Work

Towards the end of last year the RMT won stunning victories for our members on the Bakerloo line. CSAs Paul McCulleough and Neil Turley were re-instated after getting the sack and T/op Jayesh Patel was restored to his job after being dipped to stations. Anyone who followed these stories will have been well aware that all three cases were terrible injustices. Paul and Neil were suspended after unsubstantiated allegations were made about them after a drink in a pub in Queens Park. After nine months waiting to find out their fate both men were sacked after a CDI in August.