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With 44 years service and only 13 working days until his retirement, Steve Hover, a respected and well-liked Loughton driver, was summoned to attend a Local Disciplinary Interview (LDI) for infringing LUL’s punitive sickness policy, and given a vindictive 23-week warning.

Bakerloo news January 2012

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Back To Work

Towards the end of last year the RMT won stunning victories for our members on the Bakerloo line. CSAs Paul McCulleough and Neil Turley were re-instated after getting the sack and T/op Jayesh Patel was restored to his job after being dipped to stations. Anyone who followed these stories will have been well aware that all three cases were terrible injustices. Paul and Neil were suspended after unsubstantiated allegations were made about them after a drink in a pub in Queens Park. After nine months waiting to find out their fate both men were sacked after a CDI in August.

Stratford 1 branch Newsletter 6th September 2011

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London Underground’s truculent management regime is now threatening train operators with disciplinary action for taking “too many” PNRs.

Local managers across LUL have been instructed to create an EIRF each time a train operator takes a personal needs relief and these are then recording on personal files. On the H&C line a T/Op has been threatened with disciplinary action.

Bakerloo News Issue 2, September 2011

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It pays to be a member of the RMT

RMT Assistant General Secretary Pat Sikorski, reports on the reinstatement of Issa Kanu, who was sacked by Bakerloo management 18 months ago in May 2010

I am pleased to report to all RMT members on the Bakerloo Line, the stunning tribunal success of former Elephant & Castle train driver, Issa Kanu.

Bakerloo News September 2011

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Justice for Jayesh!

Following London Underground’s decision to uphold the downgrading of Bro Jayesh Patel to CSA the Bakerloo Branch has requested a ballot for strike action of all driver members on the line.
Jayesh was reduced in grade for an incident that occurred on February 12th 2011.