Finsbury Park Branch Newsletter - Every Job Matters

Dear Finsbury Park Branch Member,

As you are no doubt aware LUL has announced a massive attack on the jobs and conditions of mainly station based grades.

This is being done due to the massive budget cuts announced by Central government to the TfL budget mainly due to the actions of a handful of people in the banking sector some years ago.

They are asking us to pay through our jobs and conditions for their mistakes and this is not acceptable.

It is clear that these cuts as bad as they are, constitute the tip of the iceberg for the cuts they intend to impose. The attached newsletter explains this in stark terms. It also gives other information on what is happening including a planned strike by Piccadilly Line Drivers next week in defence of agreements that management are currently breaking among other issues.

It is clear that the company is serious about these plans so the Union has to now mobilise to defend these grades and to stop their plans dead in their tracks. It is clear that should they be successful they will work their way through the rest of the grades and every hard won condition you now enjoy including staff travel and a final salary pension scheme is in their sights.

Following a well attended rally on Tuesday where workers from across the combine met to hear the Union's plans and to have their say the union is now going to ballot every single member on London Underground in defence of our jobs and conditions.

You will receive a ballot paper next week and it is very important that this is returned straight away as a massive Yes vote will send the message that we are determined to fight these proposals.

You are encouraged to take an active role in this process so if you want to know how you can get more involved then try to get along to a branch meeting. The next one is next Thursday. If you can't make it but want to know how you can support this campaign then please contact me on the below details.

These plans can be defeated but only if we are united and determined.

United we will win.

In this Newsletter:

  • Piccadilly Line 24 hour strike
  • Every driver and every grade across the job must resist LU's proposals
  • Vacancies
  • The fightback begins