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Docklands Light Railway: dispute and news

Urgent update: Docklands Light Railway has sacked a member of staff for having had swine flu and an accident at work! Unlike other companies (even London Underground!), DLR management has refused to discount swine flu absences from its sickness attendance policy. RMT's DLR branch is planning to hold an emergency meeting to launch a campaign to reverse this outrageous sacking.

DLR: Vote Yes to Stop Roster Imposition


The above dispute remains ongoing and I am in the process of re-balloting these members for strike action and industrial action short of a strike.

To re-cap, the dispute originated last year from an attempt by management to force Control Room staff from a popular 12 hour roster to an 8 hour one. A successful ballot for industrial action forced them to pull back from implementation, but negotiations broke down and Serco again attempted to unilaterally implement the 12 hour roster.

Imposition of Rosters - Control Room, Serco Docklands

DLRCircular No. IR/170/09 29th May 2009

Dear Colleagues

I can confirm that as a direct result of an RMT re-ballot of Serco Docklands Control Room Staff, the company has again backed off from implementing a roster to the detriment of our members. In noting the position, the General Grades Committee has made it clear that in the event of Docklands management again attempting to pull such a stunt sometime in the future, our response will be on a company wide basis involving all members.

Imposition of Rosters - Control Room, Serco Docklands

From RMT official circular 138/09, dated 21st April 2009

Members will recall that earlier in the year the union suspended proposed strike action in relation to the above dispute to facilitate discussions under the auspices of ACAS.

Regrettably, these discussions have failed to resolve the issue that has led to the dispute, namely management’s decision to implement new rosters which will remove the 12 hour weekend shifts replacing them with 8 hour shifts, thus creating a situation where members in the Control Room will lose 24 rest days per annum.

Docklands Light Railway strike suspended

RMT press release, issued today

A STRIKE by members of Britain’s biggest rail union working in the control room of the Docklands Light Railway has been suspended after the company agreed to leave existing roster and leave arrangements in place pending the outcome of further talks.

Some 30 RMT members had been scheduled to begin a 24-hour stoppage at 13:05 on Monday in a dispute over changes to weekend working hours.

DLR Control Room Staff to Strike

RMT Head Office Circular No. IR/18/09 - 29th January 2009 IMPOSITION OF ROSTERS – CONTROL ROOM, SERCO DOCKLANDS

Docklands Control Centre members recently returned a massive mandate in support of both strike action and short of strike action.

Management were informed of the ballot result which shows the strength of feeling RMT members have over the imposition of the new rosters and shows members are prepared to back strike action or short of strike action against the imposition of the new rosters.

RMT suspends DLR action as disputed roster is withdrawn

RMT press release, issued today

INDUSTRIAL ACTION by Docklands Light Railway control-room staff scheduled to begin on January 5 has been suspended by Britain’s biggest rail union after Serco-Docklands withdrew rosters it had intended to impose, pending further talks.

RMT members in the DLR control room were scheduled to begin a work-to-rule and overtime ban after voting overwhelmingly for both strike action and action short of a strike, and the union had indicated that it would ballot its entire DLR membership in the New Year.

Docklands Light Railway control staff ballot over imposed rosters

RMT press release, issued today

MEMBERS OF Britain's biggest rail union working in the control room of Docklands Light Railway are being balloted for industrial action over the imposition of new rosters.

The RMT ballot, which closes on December 22, follows Serco Docklands' unilateral decision to replace 12-hour weekend shifts with eight-hour duties, which will deprive around 30 staff of 24 rest days a year.

DLR Staff Ballot for Action

Circular No. 289/08, Thursday 11th December 2008


Members working in the DLR Control Room for Serco Docklands will be balloted for strike action and industrial action short of strike due to their management’s insistence on imposing new rosters.