RMT Organises Workers in Carlisle Cleaning and Support Services

RMT's General Grades Committee has agreed a detailed campaign to organise workers in Carlisle Cleaning and Support Services. This is a national campaign, which will initially start outside our Region. However, it is relevant to our Region, as Carlisle holds contracts in London Transport, including TfL/LU secruity staff and Docklands Light Railway cleaners.

Here is the full GGC decision:

“That we note the recent positive meeting that took place regarding campaigning among Carlisle workers both for better RMT organisation and improved Terms & Conditions. Arising from the views of that meeting, we instruct the General Secretary as follows:

· To commence a high profile recruitment and organisation campaign among Carlisle staff concentrating initially on those on the Virgin-Alstom West Coast Contract leading up to the pay anniversary of June 2011

· To prepare a pay claim for the West Coast Contract, to be submitted to Carlisle in March 2011, that is based on our Cleaner’s Charter with the following specific points included:

o A living Wage based on the London rate of £7.85 per hour

o Premium rates for unsocial hours, including shift working, weekend working and public holidays

o 24 days holiday in addition to public holidays

o A fair sick pay scheme

o An agreed pension scheme

o Assistance with travel costs to and from work and a concessionary pass on Virgin services

o Family-friendly policies

· To ensure that a condensed version of this claim is created as a recruitment leaflet with a membership form included for use in recruiting. The aim is for the leaflet to have wide circulation among all cleaners on the contract to that our campaign is widely supported. The leaflet to use examples such as LUL and Eurostar where we have been successful in organising cleaners and improving wages

· To instruct relevant Regional Organisers to ensure that recruitment and organisation activity is carried out at all locations on the West Coast Contract. A proper mapping exercise is to be carried out by each Regional Organiser ahead of the recruitment activity and Regional Organisers are to ensure that all sites in their area are visited regularly. Regional Organisers are to be provided with membership lists and target locations for their areas

· To ensure that the relevant Regional Organisers provide reports to this General Grades Committee by the end of February, March and April 2011 on the activities carried out, Union density, numbers of members recruited and Representatives in place

· To instruct the relevant Branches and Regional Councils to participate directly in this recruitment and organisation campaign, supporting the Regional Organiser and providing activists to visit Carlisle sites in their areas

· To ensure that our Organising Unit is fully engaged in this campaign supporting Regional Organisers, Branches, Regional Councils and activists

· General Grades Committee members are also to participate fully in the activities in their area

· To ensure that activities in this campaign are co-ordinated with and linked to the special training course being held in Manchester as part of the Vulnerable Workers Project on 16th /17th February and that the DVD being created as part of this project is used in support of this campaign

· To ensure that the Company Council elections are carried out on the West Coast Contract as soon as is practicable with the following constituencies:

o Scotland

o Preston/Carlisle

o Liverpool/Edge Hill/Crewe

o Manchester/Longsight/Stoke

o Midlands

o London

In addition to the above, regarding the West Coast Contract, the General Secretary is instructed to ensure that a Lead Officer is appointed for each of the other Carlisle contracts and that preparations are made so that we can launch similar campaigns on these contracts.

We refer the matter of membership contribution rate for Carlisle workers to the Council of Executives with an urgent request that they consider a concessionary rate for Carlisle workers in support of this campaign.

Branches and Regional Councils to be informed of this decision.”

What is a National Executive Committee decision?

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