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RMT Plans National 'SOS: Staff Our Stations' Campaign

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We welcome the AGM resolution calling for a national ‘SOS: Staff Our Stations’ campaign, particularly considering the renewed threat to station staffing posed by the McNulty report. We will campaign on this issue in conjunction with our campaign on McNulty.

We further note that a meeting has been arranged between ourselves and the TSSA on 24 October to discuss this issue. We instruct the General Secretary to prepare for this meeting by:

Saving Tube Jobs

This article is taken from the September issue of RMT News, page 16

EC member Janine Booth outlines six successful union campaigns to reverse unfair sackings from different grades and in different companies

Docklands Light Railway Sacked Passenger Service Agents Ian Peavot and Julian Harper for comments they posted on Facebook. DLR staff, nearly all of whom are RMT members, also had other grievances against the company, and when talks made little progress, voted overwhelmingly for industrial action.

RMT reps decided on a 48- hour strike, and while lawyers wrangled about its legality, the branch kept campaigning and negotiating. Management backed down, reinstated Ian and Julian, and resolved the other issues too. Meanwhile, RMT and TSSA members on London Underground were fighting job cuts, and the company took hostages.

Pay Update

Update: London Underground has revised its offer to four years: 5% this year, RPI+0.5% (minimum 2%) for years 2, 3 and 4.

RMT workplace representatives will be discussing this at a meeting on Tuesday 4 October.You work hard, your employer makes money from your efforts, and you have bills to pay. So your union organises members to win better pay and working conditions. RMT aims to achieve:

  • above-inflation pay rises - anything else is a pay cut in real terms, as your outgoings increase faster than your income;

Olympics - Serco Docklands

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the report from our Lead Officer on negotiations with DLR. The General Secretary is instructed to ensure that we enter into negotiations with Serco Docklands on the Olympics issue and to ensure that reports are placed before the General Grades Committee so that we can co-ordinate our response with those offers received from other companies.

DLR Update

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the detailed report from our branch on issues on DLR, and agree to add this to the file. We instruct the General Secretary to obtain from the lead officer for DLR a report on these issues, and on how best we can support the branch in dealing with them. The report to be placed in front of the GGC when received.

RMT to Co-ordinate Union Approach to Olympics

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the report from our lead officer concerning discussions with Serco Docklands about working arrangements for the Olympic Games.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain reports from all lead officers on progress of discussions regarding the Olympics.

We refer this issue to the Olympics Sub-Committee for examination and report, and instruct that it meet as soon as practical in order to effectively co-ordinate our work on this issue.

DLR: Bike Storage and Showers

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the response from Serco Docklands [telling us what facilities they have for bike storage and showers]. We instruct the General Secretary to write to our branch asking whether members believe that these provisions are adequate. The response to be placed in front of us.

Bank Holiday and Leave Arrangements - Serco Docklands

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note that Serco Docklands has clarified that: “Employees on trade union contracts will be paid double time if they work on a bank holiday, this applies to both hours and overtime. The bank holiday payments are applied from 12 midnight at the start of the day to midnight at the end of the day. If an employee is rostered to work on a bank holiday or if it is their rostered rest day they will accrue a lieu day. They may choose to have this paid instead.”

We seek the views of our Docklands Light Railway branch on this matter.