BBC London Broadcasts Correction Following Misquote of Fire Brigades' Union On DLR Olympic Bonus

On Thursday's edition of BBC London, during an item about the £2500 Olympic Bonus for Docklands Light Railway workers the Fire brigades' Union was incorrectly quoted as saying "The Fire Brigades Union has told us tonight that they think this deal is unfair.”

The FBU was quick to correct the misquote issuing a statement to all their members:

"For the record, the FBU said no such thing, and we are extremely disappointed to have been misrepresented in this way. The FBU and RMT enjoy a close working relationship, and we would never criticise the RMT for securing a decent deal for its members."

BBC London has since broadcast a correction on Fridays show saying "last night we reported that workers on the Docklands Light Railway will be paid an extra two and a half thousand pounds working during the Olympics in a settlment negotiated by the RMT union. Are report quoted the Fire Brigades' Union as saying that the deal is unfair. We'd like to point out that this is not the case but they believed firefighters should not be forgotten when it came to bonuses paid for extra workload."

Following the broadcast RMT General Secretary wrote to RMT members about the "outrageously inaccurate report" and stating that a complaint had been made to the BBC demanding a correction.