News from Docklands branch

From RMT Docklands branch to all members

We have recently had meetings with management to discuss various issues effecting members across all grades:

Closing of Pension without negotiation and consultation with your union

We want the pension re-opened to all employees

Dismissals: Julian Harper and Ian Peavot and the failure by the company to follow procedure and the harshness of their eventual up holding of decision to dismiss

We have requested a ballot and want both reinstated, we have had 8 separate emergency meetings in total and both individuals have received unanimous support from members having heard all the facts and information to make an informed decision and vote taken was unanimously supported by all members present of our branch request

35-40 hour working week at Beckton

We want this issue resolved and for 35 hour working week to be across the board for all members, this issue has dragged on for 3 years and needs to be addressed for all to move on

T&C Ballot: failure to consult and negotiate through to an agreement, legal challenge under anti-union laws

We want the company to return the walking times, spread time and the change to GAR and to issue a new roster with these terms and conditions reinstated, the challenge used with anti-union laws have now been addressed and all details have now been confirmed at unity house and are now ready to proceed

Structural change: failure to consult and negotiate through to an agreement

We want this stopped and to discuss through these proposed changes, to leave open the closing date for application’s and to address all our concern’s and points raised before proceeding with supervisory grade restructuring

Training, refresher training

Meeting arranged to address this issue


Meeting arranged to address this issue

Receptionist position

Both positions have been reinstated, and are discussing a 3rd position with an agreement to gain an acceptable answer to person involved


We are, in an attempt to address these issues, now waiting on GGC at unity house to give a decision on our request in order to move these issues on and expect a decision to be taken by Wednesday 17th November and will inform all members as soon as possible.

We have various meetings arranged with senior management which are ongoing in an attempt to resolve outstanding issues and to improve our future working relationship.

On behalf of all your elected reps I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for your continued support and patience, we will continue to fight to represent you whenever necessary and appreciate that by all grades uniting behind each other, it puts us in a stronger position to be able to deliver what you as members ask and expect from your union.

Darren Arnold
Branch secretary