Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

Starting in March 2009, RMT's industrial action campaign for decent pay, against job cuts, and to stop management persecuting staff and breaking their own policies

Management Misrepresentation

We understand that LUL management are claiming that the cases of two sacked Victoria Line drivers are the only outstanding issues in this dispute.

That is straightforwardly untrue.

If LUL were to reinstate these drivers, it may help resolve the separate dispute on the Victoria Line, but the dispute involving all our members on London Underground is about jobs, pay and justice for all workers, and since management offered nothing at yesterday's talks, all these issues remain unresolved.

Latest: Talks Fail to Resolve Dispute as LUL Offers Nothing

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RMT spent ten hours in talks with London Underground management yesterday (Monday 8 June). We made many proposals and offered many opportunities for management to settle our dispute with them, but sadly, at the end of a long day all London Underground offered was more talks.

  • They refused to even discuss pay.
  • They still refuse to respond to our claims for improved conditions, for example a guaranteed alternative job if you become medically unfit for your existing post.
  • Press Release TSSA

    Please see attached press release by TSSA and UNISON. The quotes from Gerry Doherty (TSSA) and Dave Prentis (UNISON) are a bit rich considering that in this area they have been in the process of shedding jobs since September 2008! Hundreds have already gone without a mention from these General Secretaries. Why the interest now?

    TSSA News Release 8 June 2009 Tfl wastes millions on consultants while thousands face sack UNISON and the TSSA today slammed TfL for wasting millions on consultants while attempting to fill a £2.4billion budget black hole by sacking thousands of staff.

    Slow Progress at Dispute Talks - Keep Building Strike

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    Yesterday, RMT met with London Underground bosses to discuss the issues which drove us to organise industrial action for next week - jobs, pay and justice.

    Your RMT representatives at the meeting were Steve Hedley, Olly New and Janine Booth.

    After hours of talks, London Underground management offered us a choice of two pay deals:

  • a four-year deal: 1.5% this year (a "premium" for accepting a long-term deal) followed by RPI+0.5% in years 2, 3 and 4; or
  • RMT smokes out tube chiefs – talks on dispute set for noon tomorrow

    TUBE UNION RMT have confirmed that talks on the issues at the heart of the dispute on the tube will take place tomorrow – Friday 5th June – at 12 noon

    RMT members at both London Undergound and TfL have voted to strike from 18.59 hrs next Tuesday – 9th June – in separate disputes on pay, job cuts and bullying.

    This morning RMT issued a call for talks. The union has been contacted by the management side and the talks are scheduled for tomorrow at noon.

    Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, said: