Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

Starting in March 2009, RMT's industrial action campaign for decent pay, against job cuts, and to stop management persecuting staff and breaking their own policies

RMT to re-ballot 10,000 Tube and TfL workers over jobs, pay and breaches of agreements

RMT press release, issued today

THE TUBE’S biggest union is to re-ballot nearly 10,000 members across London Underground and Transport for London for strike action in separate disputes centred on jobs, pay and breaches of disciplinary and attendance agreements.

The re-run of the strike ballots follows a provocative legal challenge by LUL to ballots last month, which nonetheless showed a rock-solid five-to-one majority in favour of action.

Resolution: Revised Pay Offer

This resolution, submitted by Neasden branch and seconded by LU Engineering branch, was passed unanimously at the Regional Council meeting on 30 April 2009.

The Regional Council notes that LUL have now increased their 5-year pay offer to include increases of RPI plus 0.5% in years 2-5.

This offer remains entirely unacceptable in terms of both pay and the continued TfL redundancy process and withdrawal from no redundancy agreements that previously applied to all members.

Update on Pay Talks

The RMT delegation of Olly New, Janine Booth and myself (Steve Hedley) met with London Underground management yesterday to discuss pay. Management marginally improved their offer .The new offer is one percent this year and rpi plus 0.5 percent for the next four years.

Not only is management's offer a pay cut in real terms this year with inflation as outlined by C.P.I. at 3.2 percent (February) but the proposed deal would of course take us over the period of the Olympics where Australian rail workers secured a very good pay deal when the games were held in Sydney.

Resolution: Where is our RMT Challenge to LU/TFL?

This resolultion, submitted by TfL no.1 branch and seconded by LU Engineering branch, was passed unanimously by the April meeting of the Regional Council.

The LTRC requests that a RMT legal challenge is sought ASAP.

It is obvious that LUL lied to us in the run up to the Metronet TUPE on the 7th December when they told us there were no economic changes planned, despite the overwhelming planning behind the Operational Cost Review.

Resolution: Rank and file members be heard

This resolution, submitted by TfL no.1 branch and seconded by LU Engineering branch, was passed unanimously at the Regional Council meeting on 30 April 2009.

This LTRC request the EC hear what the rank and file members of the LTRC have to say before their decision is made as to further actions required in regard to the result of the ballot.

We are asking for the following process:

1) Result of ballot 2) Mass meeting held that evening 3) EC attends as necessary to hear rank and file members 4) Decision then made by EC the following day

Inflation Figures for March - more evidence that LUL is cutting your pay

The inflation figures for March can be found here.

Management will undoubtedly point out the fact that RPI is now -0.4% and suggest that this means that prices are falling. However, CPI - which much more accurately reflects our real cost of living - is at +2.9%. So demands on our income are still rising significantly, but LUL still offers us just 1%, and that is tied to a five-year deal with RPI only for the next four years. The latest statistics do not justify LUL's offer: they simply confirm that it is a year-on-year real-terms pay cut.

Re-Ballot Leaflet

Read the text below; click '1 attachment / file name to download the leaflet.

RMT are to re-ballot all London Underground & Transport for London Members following management running to un-elected lawyers to find spurious legal loopholes to deny you your right to protest against their appalling pay offer, their intention to bring in compulsory redundancies and their victimisation of union activists & reps.

TfL No.1 Branch Newsletter (April 2009)

April 2009 TfL No.1 BRANCH April 2009


Despite the overwhelming majority voting for industrial action to force management into meaningful talks on both pay and job cuts, London Underground (LUL) have threatened to silence the membership by having its lawyers use legal loopholes contained in the anti-trade union laws to deny the democratic right to take action.

The RMT will not allow its members to be treated in this way, and will now re-ballot with a campaign for an even bigger majority 'YES' vote. TfL members will also re-ballot to maintain unity throughout any action.

Yes, We Are Available For Talks

RMT's Regional Organiser has sent the following letter to London Underground ...

I am writing to you to let you know that I am available at any time to discuss the Willesden Green group and Victoria line disputes and in the interest of good industrial relations would seek to meet with you at your earliest possible convenience. I must also point out despite rumours to the contrary that the RMT have not walked out on pay talks and will be attending all such talks to seek to resolve the situation and other items of dispute to our members satisfaction.

Yours sincerely Steve Hedley

LUL's Letter Challenging Ballot Legality

Below - and attached - is the letter from London Underground setting out their objections to RMT's ballot notification. You will notice that nothing in this letter challenges the legitimacy of the ballot itself, only some minor details about the addresses of premises.


Dear Bob


I am writing to you as I am advised that there are serious problems with the ballot, and felt it appropriate to