Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2009, Redundancies and Breach of Agreements – LUL

From RMT official circular IR/152/09, dated 7th May 2009

Dear Colleague,

I explained in my earlier letter that despite returning a magnificent “YES” vote for industrial action, we were unable to use our members’ mandate as LUL went running to their lawyers saying that the data we provided was not good enough. The reality is, of course, that they knew they would be unable to run any service at all irrespective of the data they received but instead of sitting down and addressing the issues and negotiating with the Union they decided to use the anti-Trade Union laws to stop members taking industrial action.

Over the last five weeks representatives and branch secretaries have made extensive enquiries to try and update all the data we hold. It is a near impossible task as there are nearly 10,000 members but we have now done everything in our power to comply with the legislation. I would like to place on record my thanks for all the efforts of the branch secretaries and representatives.

The issues remain the same and I list these below for ease of reference.

Breaches of Agreements – Management have been breaching the agreed disciplinary and attendance procedures and have encouraged aggressive and punitive behaviour by local managers. For example, members are given 52 weeks warnings for a first attendance warning, maximum attendance warnings are given as standard, members are regularly subject to unreasonable pressure while they are ill, members have been refused representation for interviews while they are ill, and have been refused representation at other interviews where these could lead to disciplinary action. Management’s latest stunt is to actually increase the level of management representation at disciplinaries by planting a People Management Advisor at hearings.

Redundancies – LUL are attempting to push through their Organisational Change policy which contains compulsory redundancy proposals despite the agreement made with RMT in the PPP Code of Conduct. This Union will not accept any dilution to the agreement for these members nor will we accept compulsory redundancies for any other LUL employee.

Improvements to Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2009 – There won’t be any now and in years to come if LUL have their way. They have failed to respond to our claim for a one year pay deal and other improvements. Their pay offer of 1% for 2009 and RPI plus 0.5% (with a minimum of 0.5% should inflation be negative) for the next 4 years is totally unacceptable to this Union and its members.

Ballot papers will be despatched to members’ home address on Thursday 14th May, these should be completed and returned to the ERS in the prepaid envelope provided by first post Thursday 28th May.

Do not let LUL get away with using legislation in place of negotiation. Please ensure members use their vote and vote “YES” for strike action and action short of a strike.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow General Secretary