Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

Starting in March 2009, RMT's industrial action campaign for decent pay, against job cuts, and to stop management persecuting staff and breaking their own policies

Response to LUL Bulletin

LUL management have issued the following bulletin today. It is incredibly cheeky ...

RMT strike - latest The RMT leadership has now agreed to enter discussions with us on pay as part of a London Underground Company Council meeting tomorrow to which all our Unions have been invited. We welcome this change of heart and have always made clear that we’re ready to meet with the RMT anytime, anywhere.

RMT tells Mayor and TfL to “get out of the bunker” and open talks on tube dispute

TUBE UNION RMT today called on the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and his senior tube bosses, to “get out of the bunker” and open meaningful talks ahead of the 48 hour tube strikes which will start at 18.59 hours next Tuesday, 9th June.

It is now a week since RMT announced the strikes after receiving a massive mandate for action from members at London Underground and TfL. All preparations for the strikes are now in place and the support is rock solid.

Open meeting: Support the Tube/TfL strike

Venue: Twelve Pins pub, next to Finsbury Park station.

A meeting for everyone who wants to support Underground and TfL workers in our fight for jobs, pay and justice.

Boris, the bosses and the Evening Standard are already working overtime to turn public opinion against us. We need your support to help ensure that Londoners see our side of the story too.

So whether you are a trade unionist, a climate campaigner, a socialist, a passenger, or just a human being with a sense of justice, please come along and help make plans to support our fightback.

Hypocrites Or What?

Here is a list of what LUL and TfL pay their managers. That is the same LUL that offers its staff just 1% this year and RPI+0.5% for the next 4 years, and the same TfL that has not yet even tabled an offer.

Hypocrites? Judge for yourself ...

RMT slams TfL and LUL for “rank hypocrisy” on pay as 123 managers scoop over £100,000 a year

TUBE UNION RMT today slammed senior tube bosses for “rank hypocrisy” on pay as figures from Transport For London’s annual report showed that 123 managers are now earning more than £100,000 a year.

Those same managers have been leading the assault on RMT members who have voted to strike over a five year pay deal which would almost certainly amount to a pay cut well into the next decade and over plans to impose compulsory redundancies.

Putting The Record Straight

From your Regional Organiser, Steve Hedley.

Dear brothers and sisters

I feel compelled to write to you to answer some very serious distortions of the truth made not only by management but also by some members of other trade unions.

Firstly, however, I will begin by praising in the highest possible terms the ASLEF rank-and-file drivers on the Victoria line who have fought beside our members to demand safe trains, the reinstatement of sacked driver Carl Campbell and an end to management bullying on the line.

General Secretary's Report - Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2009, Redundancies, Breaches of Agreements, London Underground Ltd

This is the excerpt from the General Secretary's report to the 2009 AGM concerning the obs, pay and justice dispute on London Underground ...

At the time of writing these notes RMT again found itself having to withdraw from a ballot for industrial action on legal grounds. The tragedy here is that we had a massive vote in favour of both strike action (3,165 for and only 619 against) and action short of a strike (3,495 to 266) delivered by our members.

RMT calls for direct talks with Boris Johnson to resolve Underground and TfL dispute

TUBE UNION RMT today called for direct talks with London Mayor Boris Johnson following the breakdown in industrial relations with London Underground and TfL which is at the heart of the overwhelming votes for industrial action confirmed yesterday.

RMT members voted by huge majorities for strike action in separate disputes with LUL and TfL over pay, job losses and working conditions. The union has announced 48 hours of strike action commencing at 18.59 hrs on Tuesday 9th June through to 18.58 hrs on Thursday 11th June.