TfL No.1 Branch Newsletter (April 2009)

April 2009 TfL No.1 BRANCH April 2009


Despite the overwhelming majority voting for industrial action to force management into meaningful talks on both pay and job cuts, London Underground (LUL) have threatened to silence the membership by having its lawyers use legal loopholes contained in the anti-trade union laws to deny the democratic right to take action.

The RMT will not allow its members to be treated in this way, and will now re-ballot with a campaign for an even bigger majority 'YES' vote. TfL members will also re-ballot to maintain unity throughout any action.

The recent bulletin from Martin Boots, Head of Employee Relations, (15th April) suggesting talks about when to hold talks on pay is just not acceptable. Pay, along with job cuts should be the major topics on the agenda of the TfL company council meeting on 22nd April.

Yet another delaying tactic!

Also contained in this document was a veiled threat to the future of the 75% National Rail Annual Season Ticket Reimbursement scheme and the Childcare Payments scheme with the quote, "will remain in place whilst we work towards securing a new pay settlement". In other words, cause too much fuss over pay and you may lose these benefits.

Pressure must be kept on TfL. A larger turnout and 'YES' vote in the ballot will convince them to treat their employees with respect in terms of pay, conditions and job security.