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Please see attached press release by TSSA and UNISON. The quotes from Gerry Doherty (TSSA) and Dave Prentis (UNISON) are a bit rich considering that in this area they have been in the process of shedding jobs since September 2008! Hundreds have already gone without a mention from these General Secretaries. Why the interest now?

TSSA News Release 8 June 2009 Tfl wastes millions on consultants while thousands face sack UNISON and the TSSA today slammed TfL for wasting millions on consultants while attempting to fill a £2.4billion budget black hole by sacking thousands of staff. The white collar unions are calling on TfL to stop their spending spree on consultants after figures emerged showing just one department, Congestion Charging and Traffic Enforcement spent £5.4 million on consultants in just one year. The consultants are paid up to £2,700 a day - a staggering thirty times more than full time departmental staff who get a salary of £87 a day. UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, said: "TfL bosses want staff to cut costs, yet they waste millions on consultants and threaten staff with job cuts. "If one small department is wasting £5.4million on consultants each year then the total spent by TfL must be colossal. TfL cannot be serious about saving money if it can afford million pound spending sprees on consultants." TSSA General Secretary, Gerry Doherty, said: "Its the economics of the madhouse to pay consultants millions while loyal and experienced staff are being sacrificed to fill a black hole in the books. "We want to see all consultants shown the door before we even talk about staffing levels with TfL." The consultants cash bonanza was revealed as hopes rose that the blue collar rail union,the RMT, would accept a new improved pay offer and call off a Tube strike due to start on Wednesday. *TfL’s Commissioner, Peter Hendy, said in December 2008 said there would have to be significant job losses at TfL to plug the £2.4billion spending black hole. Senior sources within the company said the numbers of staff being hit could be as high as between 2-3,000. **The amount paid to consultants from Deloitte is for the tax year 2008/09 The daily rates paid to consultants from Deloitte ranges from £2761 for a partner, £2438 for a Director, £2119 for a senior manager, £1732 for a manager, £1348 for a senior consultant, £962 for a consultant and £705 for an analyst. A TfL band 1 permanent employee is paid £22,808 per year, or £87 per day. More information from UNISON Press Office on 020 7551 1555 or Tom Condon at TSSA on 07984 390480 or 0207 529 8055