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Further Industrial action confirmed in fight for Tube safety and jobs

Following the rock-solid strike action taken by RMT tube station members on the 8th and 9th of January the union today confirmed a new phase of action from the 6th of February.

The union’s executive has agreed, following extensive consultation with reps across the tube network, that further, escalated strike action will be called from Monday 6th February unless London Underground meet RMT’s reasonable demands on station staffing and safety.

Tube staff out in force across the network in fight for jobs and safety

Tube staff out in force across the network in fight for jobs and safety

General Secretary Mick Cash said; "Our members are out in force across London Underground this morning in the fight for jobs and safety. The strike action is ‎being solidly supported on every line, at every station and on picket lines right across the Tube network.

"This action has been forced on us by savage cuts to jobs that have reduced London Underground to an under-staffed death trap at a time of heightened security and safety alert.

TFL should stop peddling their fantasy world of ‎services that are operating

RMT warns TFL to stop peddling "dangerous lies" about level of tube services operating during strike.

General Secretary Mick Cash said; "It does no one any favours for TFL to openly lie about how many Tube services are running. It just piles more people into stations that are already dangerously over crowded and ramps up the risk of a major crushing incident. 

"TFL should stop peddling their fantasy world of ‎services that are operating when the truth is that London is on an almost total shutdown. 

RMT leaks document showing tube boss agreed with RMT over Fit for the Future crisis

TUBE UNION RMT says that while strikes loom on London Underground middle managers have asked LUL Chief Operating Officer “How am I supposed to convince staff to break a strike/OT ban when I completely agree with many of the issues raised by the RMT?”
A leaked record of an “Area Managers Briefing” where senior Tube bosses met with area and line managers has exposed the chaos at London Underground stations following over 800 job cuts as part of LULs ‘Fit for the Future’ reorganisation that resulted in the closure of ticket offices on every station on the tube network.

Tube drivers to strike following 'overly harsh' sacking of colleague

Following the recent ballot result in favour of taking strike action and action short of a strike in protest against the unfair dismissal of your RMT colleague Brother Dean Storey, your Reps met yesterday to discuss the matter. As a result and having noted the views from this meeting, the National Executive Committee has taken the decision to call on all affected members at West Ruislip Traincrew Depot and White City Traincrew Depot NOT TO BOOK ON for any shifts that commence between:-

School girl photographed on tracks at tube station unstaffed due to job cuts

- Incident follows tube bosses broken pledge that all stations will be staffed when passenger trains run.
- 800 job cuts have seen numerous safety incidents on unstaffed or understaffed stations.
- Tube bosses now offering strikebreakers three times the pay of some station staff in an attempt to prop up failed 'Fit for the Future’ stations operation model.

RMT General Secretary, Mick Cash, has slammed London Underground management for allowing London’s tube stations to descend into chaos as a result of unjustified job cuts.

RMT Suspends Industrial Action on Piccadilly and Hammersmith and City Lines

Tube union RMT has confirmed that 24 hours of strike action from tomorrow evening on the Piccadilly & Hammersmith and City  lines in separate disputes involving drivers has been suspended following successful talks with London Underground at ACAS.
The union says that all objectives in the Piccadilly Line dispute have now been achieved and that the union is committed to further talks aimed at a long term agreement on the Hammersmith and City Line.
General Secretary Mick Cash said:

Big votes for action in two separate disputes on London Underground

Tube union RMT confirmed today that balloting has concluded in two separate disputes on London Underground with massive votes for action being recorded in both. Both disputes, tube station staff and Piccadilly Line drivers, have safety of passengers and staff at their core.

The disputes are: