RMT press releases

RMT to hold pre strike talks with tube bosses over station strike

RMT says that if crunch talks at Director level on weekend tube strike fail today dispute will be escalated immediately to ACAS.

TUBE UNION RMT said today that if crunch talks at Director level over this weekend’s 48 hour station staffing strike fail this morning then the matter will be referred immediately to ACAS as the clock ticks down towards Saturdays action.

RMT will be in talks through the Company Council framework this morning over the action that affects the jobs and futures of five thousand staff caught in the middle of the ticket office and job cuts programme.

RMT blames “poisonous cocktail of cuts and overcrowding” for huge rise in injuries on London Underground


Tube union RMT today blasted the “poisonous cocktail of cuts and overcrowding as an FOI request by the website London Loves Business revealed an increase in over 400% in platform injuries on London Underground.

The research shows that in 2003, a grand total of 56 “Platform/Train Interface” incidents were recorded. This number has increased every year to 2014 (the last full set of figures available), when an astonishing 298 such incidents were recorded.

This is an increase in the number of accidents of 432% overall.

RMT statement on Piccadilly Line

An RMT spokesperson said; "Late last night RMT reps received a guarantee from the LU chief rolling stock engineer that the root cause of the fault on the Piccadilly Line doors has been identified and tests to assure the safety of the fleet by the appropriate specialists have been carried out.

"An enhanced system check for door engine failures will be introduced with immediate effect . RMT reps will continue to take part in additional investigations on the failure this morning.

RMT announce new strike dates over tube cuts and Night Tube

RMT confirms programme of action on London Underground over pay, Night Tube and job cuts.

Tube union RMT today confirmed that its executive has agreed to a wide ranging programme of industrial action across London Underground grades in two separate disputes over pay and night tube and the plans to bulldoze through massive cuts to station staffing numbers early next month.

On pay and night tube ALL grades called out follows

Northern Line commuters feel impact of cuts as train breakdown causes massive disruption

A broken down train on London's Northern Line this morning, leading to massive disruption the length of the line, has capped off a week of chaos for London commuters as the reality of trying to cram surging numbers of passengers into chronically overcrowded rail and tube services comes home to ‎roost. 

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

Fare dodging rockets as Revenue Inspectors are cut by more than a third

In the wake of figures released yesterday by the Labour Group on the GLA showing that fare evasion on London Underground has rocketed by over 200%, tube union RMT revealed today that, as well as closing ticket offices, LU has reduced revenue inspectors by more than a third with more cuts to come.

Tube Bosses plan to cut half of rush hour staff at Leytonstone station: scene of recent horrific attack

RMT demands moratorium on station job cuts as union reveals that Leytonstone will lose half its rush hour staff in February.

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded that London Underground halt its station job cuts programme as the union revealed that Leytonstone station, scene of Saturdays horrific knife attack, will lose half its rush hour staff from February under proposed new rosters. The Leytonstone cuts are part of an overall package from early next year which would strip 838 front-line, uniformed station staff out of the tube system.

RMT confirms new series of strikes on Docklands Light Railway

RAIL UNION RMT said today that staff across all grades on Keolis Amey Docklands Light Railway will strike on four occasions next year in a dispute over a range of serious unresolved issues that are wrecking industrial relations. The action follows a 48 hour strike on DLR last month which completely shut down the service for the duration.
The announcement of action comes after continuing talks have so far failed to make any serious progress. RMT members voted by 92% for action back in October.

RMT receiving regular reports of severe overcrowding on tube

RMT warns of continuing tube overcrowding danger as it emerges that Oxford Circus was closed 112 times in past year

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"The news today that Oxford Circus has had to be closed 112 times in the past year due to severe overcrowding is the clearest warning yet that the tube netwo‎rk is bursting at the seams. It also confirms that the only buffer between that overcrowding and a major tragedy is station and platform staff taking life-or-death decisions to manage the massive pressure on the system.