International solidarity

Support and solidarity for workers and trade unionists around the world

Murder of striking rail worker in Argentina

The Regional Council agreed to send a letter of support to Argentinian trade unionists protesting against this murder.

On October 20 a young railway worker, Mariano Ferreyra, who was only 23 years old, was killed during a blockade as a part of a campaign for the reinstatement of sacked workers of one of the railway lines in Buenos Aires. Mariano was a sacked railway worker of the Roca Line, a university student and also a political activist of a left wing party in Argentina.

Message of support to French rail strikers

I have sent the following message of support to French rail strikers. You can read about their action here.


I am writing on behalf of the London Transport Region of the National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) here in the UK. I write to tell you of our strong support for the action you are taking in defence of pensions.

Support French rail strikers

Workers in national and local rail services in France are on strike to defend their pensions - and they need our support! All grades on the French railway system have been taking strike action as part of a national, general strike movement to force the government to withdraw its proposed pension reform bill. The pensions reform that Sarkozy's government is planning would see early retirement entitlement be taken away from rail workers with physically demanding jobs, and see other workers' retirement ages pushed up by at least two years.

International Conference Against Disappearances

This resolution, submitted by the Regional Executive, was carried unanimously by the October meeting of the Regional Council:

That this Regional Council sponsors the International Conference Against Disappearances that is taking place in London from December 9 – 12 2010 and agrees to send delegates.

That we promote the Conference through internal mailings and amongst branches.

That we request the Council of Executives to sponsor the Conference and seek support from branches nationally.

Free Liliany -Colombian Trade Union Activist

Come and Join JUSTICE FOR COLOMBIA ( Outside the Colombian Embassy (Knightsbridge Station) at 16.00 on Monday 8th March to mark international womens day and protest against the Continued Detention of Liliany Obando, a Human Rights activist who has done nothing bar protest against the on-going murder of trade-unionists in Colombia.

A group of Trade Union Leaders will be be joined by a group of MPs in handing in a letter to the Embassy calling for lilianys Freedom.

Haiti Earthquake

haitiYou can make a donation to help Haitian trade unions' reconstruction work by clicking the TUC Aid button here:

The statement below from the Haiti Support Group gives some of the social and political backgrond to the devastating loss of life in Haiti. It shows that although earthquakes are natural, the scale of their impact is largely down to social and political factors. Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones, and we are looking for opportunities to help trade unions and other progressive organisations in the mammoth tasks that face them.

Sign This Petition Against Uganda Death Penalty for Homosexuality

LGBT ugagnda protestPlease see below a petition for our Ugandan brothers and sisters and against the 'Anti-Homosexuality Bill'.

A draft of the "Anti-Homosexuality Bill" was introduced by Ndorwa West MP, David Bahati on October 14, 2009.

Paragraph 3 of the draft bill sets out provisions on what it names as "aggravated homosexuality," which will incur the death penalty, contradicting the global trend toward a moratorium on the use of the death penalty.