Support Political Prisoners in Zimbabwe carried at theRegional council on 28th April 2011

The following resolution submitted by LU Fleet was carried at the April 28th Regional Council meeting

Support Political Prisoners in Zimbabwe

Six people in Zimbabwe are now imprisoned on charges of treason for organizing a meeting to discuss the mass movements in Tunisia and Egypt. For this "crime" they face a possible death sentence. They have been tortured and are now in solitary confinement. The arrest and prosecution of the six may seem like only the latest round of repression by Robert Mugabe's government against opponents. But it is also an attack on the spirit of Tahrir Square, which has inspired people all over the world. The six prisoners include trade unionists, intellectuals, and activists in the struggle for women's rights. The effort to suppress them - and even to kill them, whether by execution or through torture and denial of medical treatment while in custody - is a vicious assault on all of us.

This motion calls on the Region to send a statement of solidarity to the campaign to free the prisoners to and to put this motion to regional council to do the same.