The following resolution submitted to the April meeting of the Regional Council was by passed 8 votes to 3.

This Branch/Region calls for the immediate cessation of military action by British and western powers in Libya. The intervention of the imperial powers is not about safeguarding the interests of the people of Libya or of the wider Middle East/North Africa. Their interests in the region are, primarily, oil (Libya holds the 10th largest known reserves on the planet) and, more immediately, heading off and halting the forward momentum of the revolutionary movements across the region. Their agenda is 'regime change'. The imperial powers are responsible for propping up and maintaining the dictatorships across the region - politically, financially and militarily - the very same regimes that the peoples across the region have risen up against. They are responsible for the muderous actions of the dictatorships in Bahrain and Yemen and the actions of the Saudi regime. They are responsible for the appalling loss of life in Iraq and Afghanistan which remain occupied by these very same powers. They cannot, and never will deliver genuine democracy for the region. Nor can the rulers in the region, the callaborators of the Arab League, ever deliver genuine democracy for the region. That task lies firmly with the peoples of the region themselves. We re-confirm our absolute solidarity with the revolutions in the region.  End Military action in Libya now - Victory to the Mid-East/North African Revolution!