International solidarity

Support and solidarity for workers and trade unionists around the world

Resolution: Human Trafficking

This resolution, submitted by Swansea No. 1 Branch, was passed unanimously by RMT Women's Conference. It will now be submitted to RMT's 2009 Annual General Meeting.

That this Conference believes that Human Trafficking is a scandalous violation of human dignity.

In the UK the abolition of the Slave Trade Act was passed on 25th March 1807. Two hundred years later there are still slaves in Britain.

Call For Delegation to Durban II

This resolution, submitted by Finsbury Park branch, was passed at the October 2008 meeting of the Regional Council

United Nations World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) Review Geneva: 20 – 24th April 2009 “Call for delegation to DURBAN II”

The UN World Conference Against Racism Review process is currently taking place and a second round of preparation meetings will be held on the 6th to 17th October 2008.

The main review will be held from 20 – 24th April 2009.