International solidarity

Support and solidarity for workers and trade unionists around the world

RMTv: Brussels Demonstration -Nationalisation Not Privatisation

Transport workers marched in Brussels on the first anniversary of the European Commission's Transport White Paper, which orders states to surrender transport networks to corporate interests.

The demonstration was attended by London Transport Regional Council members including Young Members.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Brattle.

UN Secretary General Says 'Time Has Come' To End Violence And Discrimination Against LGBT People

Earlier this month UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon told delegates of a Human Rights Council meeting that the time has come to end violence and discrimination against LGBT people around the world.

All Out, who campaign around the world for LGBT freedoms have made a remix video of the speech.

Moon said "We see a pattern of violence and discrimination directed at people just because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. People have been imprisoned, tortured, even killed."

Resolution to TUC Women's Conference - Women's Rights in Afghanistan

RMT's Council of Executives has agreed to submit the following resolution to TUC Women's Conference 2012:

With the announcement that peace talks with the Taliban are contemplated, women’s rights have apparently been forgotten. The treatment of women by the Taliban government was a contravention of their human rights.

Palestine Meeting


In commemoration of International Workers’ Day, the Palestinian trade union movement formed the: Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS (PTUC-BDS). In July 2011, the London Transport Region RMT voted by 12 branches to 1 (1 abstention) to fully support the PTUC-BDS Statement including the call to sever inks with the Histadrut. While the matter has been referred to our National Union for consideration we offer this meeting as an opportunity to open the debate wider still within the trade union movement. Join the debate at this historic revolutionary juncture in the Middle East and North Africa.

Haiti: Holding International Charities Accountable

RMT Council of Executives decision:

That we note the resolution and support efforts to ensure donations reach the people they are intended for. We continue to fully support TUC Aid and ITF appeals. We encourage members to donate through these organisations.

Further, we instruct the General Secretary to write to Haiti Now - Haiti First seeking more information on their campaign to hold internal charities to account.

LGBT Gains and Inequalities

At this years RMT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender conference, Executive member for London Transport Region Janine Booth brought to members attentions the realities of LGBT rights internationally and the equalities that British LGBT workers and people still lack.

Internationally full legal equality for homosexuals only exists in 8 countries in the world. That is that they have equal rights including an equal marriage something that still eludes us in the UK. In 80 countries homosexuality is still illegal. Of these seven countries still have the death penalty. Only recently Uganda was attempting to criminalize all homosexual acts - punishment being a death sentence.