Resolution to TUC Women's Conference - Women's Rights in Afghanistan

RMT's Council of Executives has agreed to submit the following resolution to TUC Women's Conference 2012:

With the announcement that peace talks with the Taliban are contemplated, women’s rights have apparently been forgotten. The treatment of women by the Taliban government was a contravention of their human rights.

Now, in cities, women work, receive education and there are 25 women MPs. However, Amnesty reports that the picture is different across the country where old practices remain. Women are still deprived of education, healthcare and subject to violence and early forced marriages as they were under the rule of the Taliban.

Conference calls on the TUC General Council together with their international Trade Union partners to launch a campaign for recognition of women’s rights in Afghanistan and to include equality as part of the constitution of any recognised Afghan Trade Union.

Conference also calls on the TUC General Council to lobby the Government to ensure that any political or trade partnership with Afghanistan has recognition and implementation of equal treatment for women according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights as a core clause in each contract particularly:-

  1. the right to access healthcare;
  2. the right to education;
  3. the right to free movement;
  4. the right to be free of domestic violence.

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