Jubilee South Branch meeting

Jubilee South branch meetings are currently held online on London Underground pay day at 4pm.  These meetings are the opportunity for RMT members to debate current issues.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

You can also get more news from the branch at www.rmtlondoncalling.org.uk/jubileesouth.

Please check the meeting dates and times before attending as this article is written in advance of dates being confirmed. Meetings near to the union's Annual General Meeting or Christmas may be canceled or rearranged.

Members raising renewed concerns over safety as new strain of COVID rips through our communities

RMT issues renewed guidance to members as new COVID strain ramps up risks

Specialist transport union RMT today issued fresh guidance to members across all sectors reminding them of their right to a safe working environment as the new strain of COVID 19 ramps up the risks to staff and passengers alike.

In the guidance the union says;

TfL pension proposals "an outrageous attack on our members retirement expectations"

Dear Colleague,


The RMT are advised that the Commissioner for TfL on 11th December 2020 announced the publication of an Independent Panel Review of TfL which recommends that a commission is established to review the TfL Pension Fund.

New year message to RMT members

31st December 2020


New Year Message to RMT Members

Dear Colleague,

No one could have predicted at the start of 2020 that we would experience a year like the one we are now closing the book on. 

Transport workers have found themselves right in the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, charged with the responsibility of keeping this country, and it's NHS staff and other key groups, moving while the virus has ripped through our communities. 

TfL financial review "a disgraceful document that seeks to justify imposing job cuts"

22nd December 2020

Dear Colleague,


TfL recently released the full report from the Independent Panel Review, commissioned by the Mayor, which focuses on increased funding and cost-savings. RMT attended a meeting regarding the report and the Union has already made it clear to TfL that this review is an attack on staff.