Cleaners demo for 29th January cancelled

Dear Colleague


We have been advised by our parliamentary group that due to the likelihood of a series of Brexit votes on 29th January it will be extremely difficult to hold an effective the demo and rally because of large amount of activity outside parliament on that date and also our rally taking place at the same time as Brexit votes taking place. 

Bakerloo News January 2019

Bakerloo News has all the latest updates from the RMT Bakerloo branch.

In this edition:

  • Union action wins concessions

  • Fight goes on: hold the bosses to their commitments

  • Access all areas?

  • Organising on the SRT

  • Challenging unsafe practices on North Group

  • Red tabards

Please download the newsletter and distribute it in your Bakerloo Line workplace, and share it online too.

RMT have secured 550 cleaner jobs on ABM

Dear Colleagues,

RMT Secures 550 Jobs

I am pleased to announce that RMT have secured 550 cleaner jobs on ABM the chosen London Underground cleaning contract supplier.

This is an important victory in the fight for jobs and workplace justice for London Underground cleaners as the TFL contractors ABM were forced by a sustained campaign of union pressure to reinstate 550 posts into their headcount.

Lack of adequate cover at Hendon Central Group


That we note the resolution from our Camden 3 Branch regarding the lack of adequate cover for stations on the Hendon Central Group; resulting in unsatisfactory practices such as unacceptable levels of lone working.

This NEC opposes the company putting cost above passenger and staff safety.

We instruct the General Secretary to place a report in front of the NEC without delay.

Members to be advised by email and text.

Imposition of red tabards

Subject: RED TABARDS, STATION STAFF – LONDON UNDERGROUND That we note with concern of our Bakerloo Line Branch that the company have ignored our members health & safety concerns expressed by their representatives and have imposed the new red tabards on stations staff. We instruct the General Secretary to place a report in front of the NEC without delay. Bakerloo Line Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

'Utter dismay' as Acton Town management attempt to impose roster


That we note with utter dismay the resolution from our Piccadilly & District West Branch that Trains Management on the Piccadilly Line have imposed a roster on our driver members despite tabled objections from our representatives and without warning while repeatedly refusing to convene requested meetings to discuss the matter further.

Body camera trial


That we note the report from the Lead Officer; and instruct the General Secretary to place an updated report in front of the NEC after the meeting between our Stations Functional Council representatives and the company has taken place.

The London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

RMT London Underground Pay Claim 2019

The RMT pay claim for 2019 is attached. Please download it to read all the demands it has for tube staff, and share it with your colleagues.

Summary of demands
This document represents the RMT’s application on behalf of our members working for London Underground Ltd for an improvement in pay and conditions of service. Over the course of this document we will address the following issues:

1. A substantial pay award

2. A minimum flat rate increase for those on the lowest salaries

3. Reduction in the working week

4. Family friendly policies

Stratford Depot News January 2019: Pay claim update

Stratford Depot News is the newsletter for drivers at Stratford depot and across the Jubilee Line. It is produced by RMT activists.

In this edition:

  • A New Pay Claim For 2019 - The all grades pay claim will be led by the all grades union

  • Level 1 meeting update

  • Pool table coming to Fleet House

  • When unions laugh at job cuts, we all lose

  • New RMT Learner Rep

Please download the attached newsletter for all the latest info.