Draft Plan of Activities: RMT Disabled Members' Advisory Committee

This plan was agreed unanimously by the Disabled Members’ Advisory Committee meeting, 28 January 2019, and will be considered by the union's National Executive in March.


‘Know Your Rights’ Campaign

We would like to run a campaign to advise disabled transport workers of their rights. This will encourage recruitment and active involvement in the union, and would include:

Jubilee South branch motion calls out BTP actions against victim of assault

Jubilee South branch has unanimously passed a motion to highlight the shocking action  of the BTP in arresting a tube worker who was assaulted  and racially abused by a member of the public.

The company rightly recognised that no wrong doing had been done by the member of staff which is unusual as we know from experience that LU bosses do have a long history of disciplining victims of assault, including another case which is currently ongoing. This makes it all the more perplexing why the BTP would try to pursue a case.

Jubilee South News, February 2019

Jubilee South News is the newsletter for tube workers, from activists in the Jubilee South branch.

In this edition:

  • Dust up on the Jubilee Line
  • If Red Tabards are the answer whatever was the question?
  • Assaulted at work and charged by the BTP, defended by the RMT 
  • Say hello wave goodbye

Please download and distribute this newsletter in your Jubilee South branch workplace, and also share it online with colleagues and comrades.