Supreme court ruling awaited in holiday pay case


When I last wrote to you on the above matter, Circular No: IR/416/20, 16th October 2020, branches will recall the union is awaiting a Supreme Court ruling that would have a significant bearing on this matter. Members' cases were to be brought but for there to be a stay in their proceeding until the Supreme Court's ruling is announced.

Long service award changes


Further to Circular IR/134/17, 27th March 2017, correspondence has been received from TfL concerning changes they intend to make to Long Service Awards.

Briefings with London Labour supporters over Justice for Tube Cleaners

Dear colleagues,

Briefings with London Labour supporters over Justice for Tube Cleaners

I wanted to report back on the latest in our campaign to secure the insourcing of our members who work to keep the Underground clean. With the current contract with ABM coming to an end, RMT has been stepping up political campaigning among campaign supporters in the labour and trade union movement.

Poster: contact your rep

A poster has been produced to remind members to contact their RMT reps for support should they have any meeting with management or become involved in any workplace incident.

Please display and distribute it in your workplace.

Covid: RMT calls for protection for transport workers

As vaccine programme hits initial targets RMT calls for escalation of priority and protection for transport workers

With the news at the weekend that the initial phase of the COVID vaccination programme has hit its targets RMT called this morning for an escalation in priority for transport staff and other essential workers to ensure that those groups risking the highest levels of occupational exposure, and who are also pivotal to the route map out of the current lockdown, are properly protected. 

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

Station staff Night Tube meeting

  • Please download the attached poster for Zoom meeting details. 

The recent TfL financial review has made it clear to all London Underground members that we are all going to have to fight hard for our jobs, terms and conditions, pensions and benefits. The government, the Mayor’s office and London Underground management are determined that the financial burden of the COVID 19 crisis will fall on London’s workers in general and on London Underground staff in particular.