February Tube Pay Update - At least an additional £1000 each!

Attached is the latest update on London Underground's pay claim.

Our all-grades strike action forced a re-think and the new offer represents a huge achievement for RMT. In addition to the 5%, members have now been offered:

  • £1.000 consolidated flat rate pay increase.
  • An additional E400 consolidated for the lowest eamers - below E35k (before any increase is applied.)
  • An additional £200 for those between £35 & £40k Pay bands, which had been frozen in the 5% imposed pay award, will be uplifted by 5% to maximum of £99.5K. Management has not accepted our call for all pay bands to rise in line with the full offer but RMT is continuing to seek improvements to the treatment of bands.
  • LUL's previous cormmitment on additional staff travel remains in place.
  • Further discussions will start soon, with the aim of implementing a form of leisure Priv, by April 2025.

Download and read the attached newsletter for more information. You can also print it out and distribute it in your workplace.