Defending jobs, pensions and agreements - ballot papers out today

Dear RMT Member

Defending Jobs, Pensions & Agreements – London Underground


The current industrial action mandate in this dispute will expire in November and therefore it is now necessary to re-ballot you and your colleagues for a historic fifth time in this dispute. It is hugely frustrating. However, if we do not win every ballot, London Underground will have a free hand to attack members jobs, pensions and agreements. We cannot let this happen.

Your action has already seen results and we must continue to stay united to win a proper deal. By standing together we have already:

  1. Pushed back the threat of pension reform to 2026. However, the government has told TfL to start a formal consultation, by July 2024, to transfer our pension into the inferior Local Government Pension Scheme. We need your new mandate to resist this.
  2. We have won important gains on stations and stopped further reorganisations and cuts. But station members must keep fighting to stop changes to conditions and protect our pensions.
  3. Trains modernisation and reorganisations across APD (Asset Performance Directorate) have all been delayed by RMT’s strike action.

 The jobs and conditions of all grades remain under threat and the change proposals for Fleet, Engineering, Trains and Asset Performance are still at an early stage. Management is still looking for another £600m in cuts to be delivered in the next two years. The recent wins on Stations were only as a result of members standing together in solidarity on picket lines and we must now keep up the pressure.

We must continue in our fight to guarantee job security, to fight detrimental changes to our agreements, and to demand that no changes are made to our pensions. A strong ballot result is vital to ensure that your negotiating team is in the best possible position to guarantee that our demands are met.

You may receive a text message from one of your RMT Reps reminding you to vote. Please respond to the text and they will not need to remind you again.

If you do not receive your voting paper by Thursday 19th October or know of a colleague who has not received it, please call the freephone helpline on 0800 376 3706, RMT Head Office on 0207 387 4771 or e-mail request a replacement.



Yours sincerely


Michael Lynch

General Secretary