LU Fleet branch

Includes fleet maintenance staff employed by Metronet and TubeLines

RMT announce new strike dates over tube cuts and Night Tube

RMT confirms programme of action on London Underground over pay, Night Tube and job cuts.

Tube union RMT today confirmed that its executive has agreed to a wide ranging programme of industrial action across London Underground grades in two separate disputes over pay and night tube and the plans to bulldoze through massive cuts to station staffing numbers early next month.

On pay and night tube ALL grades called out follows

RMT accepts Central Line TMR proposal


A proposal was recently received from LUL which has been produced following a series of discussions and negotiations at Fleet Functional Council. It covers those members currently employed on fixed term contracts in Train Maintainer (TM) and Advanced Train Maintainer (ATM) grades on the Central Line Heavy Overhaul Programme Lift (HOPL) Project.

London Transport Regional Council

Th next meeting of the London Transport Regional Council will be on Thursday 24 September 1630-1830

Please try and attend and make sure your own branch is represented at this important organising meeting.

There will be reports from the Counil of Executive member John Reid and from the Regional Organiser John Leach.

Tube Lines Strike Ballot Over Pay & Night Tube


Further to my previous Circular (IR/175/15, 23rd July 2015), the final offer which has been received from Tube Lines is as follows:-

Year One

  • A 1% increase + a £500 consolidated payment.
  • A £500 non-consolidated payment, which will be paid to all staff covered by collective bargaining in recognition of a 24-hour service.

Year Two & Three

  • A 1% or RPI increase, whichever is greater.

Fleet 'Use of Agency Staff' Industrial Action Suspended as Agreement Reached

Branches will be aware that we have been in dispute with London Underground over the plan to use of Agency staff to undertake training. This action by management was in breach of the Fleet Core Work Agreement and the training organisation agreement reached in discussions at ACAS. On top of this there had been a total lack of consultation over this important issue.

Fleet Agency Trainers Dispute ACAS Update

Today (Monday) I'm attending talks with LUL about our joint dispute with Unite over the outsourcing of LUL jobs (in training) to agency on the Fleet project Heavy Overhaul Programe Lift (HOPL).

This is a major project to overhaul the Central line rolling stock - trains. This project is being used as a Trogan horse to outsource directly employed staff.

RMT and Unite are fighting this tooth and nail and currently we have an overtime ban right across the Fleet membership on LUL.

We have other 'action short' industrial action too.

ACAS Report On Pay & Night Tube and Job Cuts Disputes

Dear RMT members

Most of you will be aware that we have had a number of magnificent ballot results where members in our union in LUL as well as all of the other tube unions have voted overwhelmingly to fight back. We have four current disputes in LUL:

1. Pay and Night tube
2. Every job matters - defending jobs on London Underground
3. M Door safety alarm procedures - Jubilee Line
4. Introduction of Agency trainers - London Underground

Fleet Agency Trainers Dispute Ballot Results

Dear Colleague,

Introduction of Agency Trainers, Fleet – London Underground

Further to previous correspondence regarding the above, the ballot has now concluded with members voting as follows:-

Are you prepared to take strike action?

Total Votes Cast 368
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 252
Number Voting ‘No’ 112
Spoilt Papers 4

Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?

Total Votes Cast 368
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 335
Number Voting ‘No’ 29
Spoilt Papers 4