LU Fleet branch

Includes fleet maintenance staff employed by Metronet and TubeLines

Fleet industrial action announced over appalling 'ignorance of long-standing policies and procedures by London Underground'

Tube fleet maintenance to take action in dispute over wholesale breakdown in industrial relations
TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that London Underground Fleet members will be taking industrial action from next Tuesday following numerous unresolved breaches of agreed machineries and agreements by LU management. In a recent ballot 67% of members voted for strike action with 88% voting to endorse action short of a strike.

Fleet ballot result


Further to my previous Circular (IR/39/17, 31st January 2017), the ballot has concluded with members voting as follows:-


Question: Are you prepared to take strike action?

Total Votes Cast…              323

Number Voting ‘Yes’…         219

Number Voting ‘No’…          102

Spoilt Papers…                   2


Question: Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?

Fleet Branch calls for industrial action over breaches of agreements

Due to a breakdown in industrial relations with management and the ongoing attacks at various levels. This branch call on the General secretary to advise LUL that we are now in dispute and instruct the NEC TO Ballot “ALL” LUL fleet members for strike action and action short of strike.

This action has been called due to management breaching the agreed machineries, our Main agreement, and long standing local agreements, namely

London Transport Regional Council 29 September

The next meeting of the LTRC will be at the Torch PH in Wembley Park on Thursday September 29 1630 - 1830

Following an initiative from Neadsen Branch the LTRC will be travelling around the region using Branch locations to hold the monthly meeting.

Recruitment and organising activity will take place prior to the Regional Council.

Please make every effort to attend

All members are welcome

It's your Union come and have your say

Fleet members to be balloted over increasing outsourcing of work, in breach of agreements


Further to my previous Circular (IR/144/16, 19th May 2016), the Company was informed that a dispute situation existed between us over the above issue and the following resolution has now been received from our LU Fleet Branch:-

“This Branch calls upon the National Executive Council to call a ballot for strike action and for action short of a strike for all LU Fleet members.

LUL and Tube Lines representatives meeting

Dear Colleagues

  1. Breach of core work agreement, contracting out & subcontractors fleet grades – LUL
  2. closure of lillie bridge depot – London Underground. 

The National Executive Committee has called an all-grades Representatives meeting on the above two issues which it views as being an attack on members’ terms and conditions and future job prospects.

The meeting will take place at 10.30 hours in the Unison Building, Euston Road (very near Chalton Street) on Tuesday 7th June 2016

London Underground Fleet members to be balloted over pensions dispute

22nd January 2016 Circular Num: NP/029/16

Dear Colleagues,


Please find below a resolution submitted by the LU Fleet Branch:

“The feeling of the members regarding parity of pensions has gone on for far too long. We feel the time is right to ballot all Tube Lines members on the pensions issue.

We strongly believe that no agreement should be implemented on Pay or Night Tube until this long standing issue is resolved. (No Pensions, No Night Tube).