RMT London Calling newsletter - Defend the London Bridge 3 special


Attached is the lastest RMT London Calling newsletter.

Focusing on our 3 members at London Bridge who have been disciplined for rushing to assist a co- worker who was being assaulted. That co-worker was pregnant.

Please download, print display and distribute across your workplace.

The ballot on London Bridge and Waterloo will begin on March 30 and ballot papers must be returned by April 18.

London Underground managers have been quoted on social media and in the press as saying "Kirsty Watts was never assaulted " 

Despite the fact 3 CDI panels, 3 appeals with the Jubilee PM (stations) and the AMS who conducted a fact find all accepting Kirsty Watts was assaulted and was central to the incident. They even agree the time this assault took place. 1309:39 on 16/11/2016 

They have now issued instructions to staff at London Bridge and Waterloo to deny access to RMT reps with their members at these stations in the upcoming ballot for action.

They accuse RMT reps of "intimidating staff"

We don't intimidate our members. 

To accuse us of this smacks of desperation.

Solidarity wins