Ballot for strike called as worker who received award for apprehending trespasser now faces disciplinary


The following resolution was recently received from LU Fleet Branch:- 
“During an incident of a graffiti artist trespassing our member Nigel Banks took control of the situation protecting his staff and reduced the potential risk of death/injury to the trespasser apprehending him until BTP arrived and arrested him.
During this period the trespasser was abusive and made racist comments and threats to kill. The trespasser was a convicted criminal with assault charges against him. No injury or allegations of assault were made at the time of arrest to BTP by the trespasser.
Immediately following this incident the events below took place Nigel received a silver award and was congratulated by Steve Griffiths (LU Chief Operating Officer) for stopping the vandal and saving the company thousands of pounds. Nigel was a witness for the company in court against the vandal.
Sometime later the following happened, Paul Davis (Depot Manager) reported Nigel to the police for investigation of assault. Despite there being no allegations of assault or witnesses to any assault of the trespasser. This was followed by a company fact finder concerning the incident, the investigator not taking account of the evidence found and witness statements. The outcome of that has been a CDI against him for apprehending the trespasser.
Nigel has now been suspended. There has been too much time taken to investigate this and no duty of care given while being suspended. Nigel Banks is a long standing loyal member of the union over 30 years. The membership at Ealing Common Depot are appalled by the actions taken against this member. These feeling are supported by the Branch.
So LU Fleet Branch calls upon the NEC to conduct a ballot for strike action and action short of a strike of our membership in these areas to support our long standing member Nigel Banks. And pressurise management to stop the victimisation of our member.”
The National Executive Committee notes this resolution with concern and has taken the decision to conduct a ballot for strike action and action short of a strike. I am currently making the necessary preparations and will keep Branches advised of all developments.