LU Fleet branch

Includes fleet maintenance staff employed by Metronet and TubeLines

Overwhelming Rejection Of Tubelines Offer


Further to my previous Circular (IR/081/15, 23rd March 2015), the referendum has concluded with members voting as follows:-

Question: Are you prepared to accept the Company’s offer?

Total Votes Cast… 46
Number Voting ‘Yes’… 7
Number Voting ‘No’… 39
Spoilt Papers… 0

Dispute Leads To Improved And Acceptable Pay Offer From Alstom


‘That we note the revised offer by the Company after a meeting took place with our negotiating team on 16th October 2014.

The offer has been greatly improved and meets the aspirations of our members. Therefore, the General Secretary is instructed to inform the Company of our acceptance of the offer and that we are no longer in dispute with them.

Our members are to be applauded for their willingness to fight against the previous appalling offers from the Company and demand a just pay award.

Fleet Members Balloted To Defend Brother McKoy

London Underground were today notified that we are in dispute and all LUL Fleet members will be balloted for industrial action over the appalling treatment of LU Fleet member Brother Ainsley McKoy.

Brother McKoy has had disciplinary action instigated against him by a COO manager outside their sphere of influence, without any involvement or input from Fleet management. We believe this has serious implications across the whole of Fleet and in particular Call Point Train Maintainers where a manager in another function can feel at liberty to discipline a Fleet member.

Tube Lines Members Balloted In Rest Day Dispute


We have entered into dispute with Tube Lines after they took away the rest days of our Jubilee Line Permanent Way members. We believe it is totally unacceptable to remove our members’ right to proper rostered agreed quality time off away from work. The union has therefore entered into dispute with the company and ballot papers will be sent to members later this week with a closing date of Thursday 19th June 2014.

Fleet Industrial Action ballot Follows Mistreatment of Brother McKoy

A resolution was received from our LU Fleet Branch to advise how their members are appalled at the treatment of Brother Ainsley McKoy by COO Operations management. This follows a COO Manager instigating disciplinary action against a Fleet member outside their sphere of influence, without any involvement by COO Fleet Management in the process. We believe this has serious implications across the whole of fleet and our Call Point Train Maintainers where any manager can discipline one of our members and bypass the whole COO Fleet process. This sets a very dangerous precedent.

Unfair Treatment of Brother McKoy Leeds To Fleet Strike Ballot

We note the resolution from our LU Fleet Branch share their sentiments on the unfair treatment of Brother McKoy by the COO Operations Management Management.

We also agree that the intervention of a COO manager on our members on Fleet side of LU has serious implications and sets a dangerous precedent for our members. We agree to enter into dispute with the company over this matters and ballot all our LU Fleet members for industrial action short of strike action. We instruct the General Secretary to work with LU Fleet branch to serve notice on this matter within 2 weeks.

The strikes are on - get organised - get on a picket line

Location of RMT picket lines

Bakerloo Branch;
Elephant & Castle – 0500- April 29 & 30
Queens Park – 0455 - April 29 & 30

Central Line West;
White City -0400- 29 & 30 April
West Ruislip – 0400- 29 & 30 April

Central line East;
Loughton - 0445- 29 & 30 April
Hainault- 0445- 29 & 30 April
Leytonstone - 0445- 29 & 30 April

Morden & Oval;
Morden – 0445- 29 & 30 April

Camden No.3;
Golders Green – 0430 – 29 & 30 April
East Finchley – 0430 – 29 & 30 April
High Barnet – 0430 – 29 & 30 April

Pic & Dic west;
Acton & Northfields depots – 0445- 29 & 30 April