Fleet members to be balloted over increasing outsourcing of work, in breach of agreements


Further to my previous Circular (IR/144/16, 19th May 2016), the Company was informed that a dispute situation existed between us over the above issue and the following resolution has now been received from our LU Fleet Branch:-

“This Branch calls upon the National Executive Council to call a ballot for strike action and for action short of a strike for all LU Fleet members.

This action is called due to the ongoing attack of our core work agreement by using more and more contractors to do work on trains that our LU Fleet members should be doing.

Despite an agreement reached in June 2015 that Shoe Gear checks and replacement would come under Fleet work by this April 2016, management have reneged on this agreement and are letting contractors carry on doing this work.

Management are also using contractors to replace S-Stock Air Bags, Chevrons, Window Wipers and of course previously mentioned Shoe Gear. As well as other modifications that LU Fleet staff should and could be doing under our Core Work Agreement.

On the O9 stock they are preparing to use contractors to do door changes. Claiming that the doors are delaminating and was known about whilst under warranty. Something we dispute and again something LU Fleet could do.

On the Central Line they are preparing to use contractors to do a package of works that includes AC Traction Motor Upgrade, Door Mods, Flooring replacement and other tasks.

Despite stating that we are in dispute with the Company and seeking a disputes resolution meeting, management has continually stalled arranging this meeting whilst pushing ahead with their plans.

This has left us with no other recourse but to request a ballot of our members to prevent this clear attack on our members’ jobs, agreements and conditions.”

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has noted the correspondence on file that our Core Work Agreements are being attacked by management using more and more contractors to do work on trains that our LU Fleet members should be doing.

The NEC has therefore taken the decision to ballot all LU Fleet members concerned for strike action and action short of a strike. Also to organise a meeting of Reps (including Reps on other functions) to discuss this serious attack on our terms and conditions and to provide all necessary propaganda material to build support for this dispute.

I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep you advised of all further developments.