Anti Union Laws Delays Tube Lines Ballot


Further to my previous Circular (IR/200/15, 20th August 2015), I advised Branches of the dates for the industrial action ballot in respect of the above however, it has regrettably been necessary to withdraw this ballot. This is because the Company challenged the validity of our Notice of Ballot, stating that a number of members that RMT has listed as working for Tube Lines AP JNP have since transferred to work for London Underground or TfL. Our RMT Reps and Branch Secretaries are now urgently reviewing the data and we will serve a new notice on the Company as soon as possible. I will advise you of the revised dates in due course.

It is of course unfortunate that the Company has chosen to use the anti-trade union laws to prevent this ballot going ahead rather than discussing the matter with us in an effort to resolve the dispute. The dispute situation with Tube Lines AP JNP over the pay offer and the offer in recognition of a 24-hour service is still very much in place and we will continue to demand an above inflation pay rise and proper recognition and reward over Night Tube for Tube Lines AP JNP members.

The following resolution has also been received from our LU Fleet Branch:-

“A Trainer on Piccadilly Fleet (LUL employee) was pressured into breaking a legitimate industrial action short of a strike, for the purpose of training a force of scab managers (some of whom are management contractors) for train preparation duties, to be utilised when AP JNP ballot for action.

This was achieved by bullying tactics and management calling said trainer on his rest days and threatening him to reconsider his position. This trainer in the end was bullied into submission to the point he is scared for his job and is now too worried to even raise a grievance over this intimidation.

We call on the GGC to instruct the LUL MATS Reps to raise this issue at their relevant representation councils within the company. Making it clear to management that bullying of our members is completely uncalled for and immoral and goes against company policies, not to mention the fact it will not be tolerated by this union”.

This matter has been considered by the General Grades Committee and I have requested that our LU MATS Reps place the issues as outlined in the resolution to the relevant Company Council meeting.