Upfront Newsletter July 2021 Strike Special
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The RMT has announced strike dates in our dispute over the abolition of the Night Tube grade. RMT demanded LUL pause their attack on our members jobs and work life balance but it has unfortunately fallen on deaf ears.

A packed meeting of driver reps and members agreed that the only option now is to name industrial action to bring LU management to their senses.

LUL has taken advantage of the Covid crisis by scrapping the Night Tube grade and hoodwinking the other union into believing it is a good move. It isn’t. This grade is a key route into the train driver grade for those who want or need to work weekend nights only. The NT grade is also the only way of preventing TO21 train operators from being forced to drive through the night.


LUL and the other union have ripped up an agreement voted on by all RMT members in 2016 which ensured no existing driver would be forced to work Night Tube. The decision to scrap the Night Tube grade now means that all depots, either when Night Tube returns (likely Spring 2022) or when it is rolled out to other lines in future, will have Night Tube duties rostered for ALL drivers.

The key and long-standing principle that we don’t run in passenger service between 0130 and 0445 has therefore also been scrapped. This has major implications for all lines as LUL can now bring in rosters with this type of working at any depot.

Work Life Balance

Whatever way you cut it this stitch up imposes significant additional night work on the roster of TO21s. There is no guarantee that you will be able to get rid of these turns and initial meetings have indicated that there is going to be significant disruption to existing rest day patterns and quality of life.


It is clear with a significant increase in night work very little thought has been put into the impact that all this additional night work will have on our members. Studies have shown that alternating day and night working in particular has a significant negative impact on health and life expectancy. It is not acceptable to expect us to accept these working patterns going from nights to other shifts, without any proper health and safety impact assessments.

It seems that the massive yes vote and laid down industrial action is already having a positive effect with London Underground Management agreeing to ACAS talks on Thursday 15th July. RMT remains committed to a negotiated settlement but will not hesitate to take action to resolve this dispute for our members.

Stay United. Support the Union. No to imposed Night Tube. 

All LUL Train Operators are instructed not to book on for any duty

- Commencing from 12:00 (noon) on 3.8.21 until 11.59 on 4.8.21

- Commencing from 12:00 (noon) on 5.8.21 until 11.59 on 6.8.21

- Commencing from 12:00 (noon) on 24.8.21 until 11.59 on 25.8.21

- Commencing from 12:00 (noon) on 26.8.21 until 11.59 on 27.8.21