Update on Piccadilly Night Tube dispute concerns


There had been two issues affecting our members on the Night Tube - “Night Tube Staff Lone Working” and “Meal Relief Point, Arnos Grove Depot”.

Following a recent meeting of our Trains Functional Council, Health & Safety and Local Representatives and National Executive Committee members, the NEC noted that the company had conceded on all issues of dispute on the issue of Lone Working for Night Tube Staff. The NEC has congratulated members, representatives, branches and Regional Organiser for this and that we are no longer in dispute. All should, however, remain vigilant.

On the issue of Meal Relief Point, Arnos Grove, the NEC instructed me to create a new file entitled “Night Tube Issues, Piccadilly Line” and obtain an updated report from the Regional Organiser, which I have requested.

I will provide you with an update in due course.