Trains Functional Update: Night Tube and Four Day Week Trial

As you all maybe aware we are now in the process of working together with LUL to sort out the detail regarding the staffing of Night Tube, such as their contracts and rosters. This includes how they will be managed on Nights, transfers and moves and ways for them to progress from part time drivers to full time and their future development. We are also going to have to work out what will happen to depots with existing Nights as well as Night Tube duties, because depots with existing night duties will now NOT be working on Friday and Saturday night as these will be Night Tube duties only. The part time drivers have now been recruited and are up the school at Ashfield House now going through their full 12 to 16 week training process. These new part time drivers will be covered by all our existing agreements and frameworks etc, and will be treated just like any other train driver. Once trained they will go to one of the 5 Night Tube lines and to a line which hopefully most of them have nominated.

When Night Tube drivers get to their lines they will be working in their own self contained roster structure and have their own spares and leave covers built in so that they can cover themselves and no one else will covers them. The main issue to remember is for everyone to understand that Night Tube drivers will NOT work on ANY duty done by drivers on the normal roster, and NO current driver working normally will ever pick up a Night Tube duty or do any part of a Night Tube duty!!! This has already been agreed and signed off within the pay and night tube deal. 

So remember Night Tube duties will be covered and worked by only Night tube drivers and no one else.

Four day week trial
There will be a work stream set up to work out how to do the 4 day 36 hour week trail on the jubilee line, which is compressing 5 days work into 4 This has to be up and running by November this year, but the work stream for this has not even started as of yet. This trial will be run and populated by volunteers only. If successful it will then be rolled out across the combine to any depot that wishes to take this up and as done in the trial this will be populated on a voluntary basis only at those depots that chose to take up this option.

Also over the next 12 months the company have agreed to work with the trade unions to reduce the amount of weekend work that we do, and to do this by using existing resources (i.e. the pool) and also recurring part time workers to cover the weekends.

More updates on the progress of these issues will be coming out on a regular basis as the work progresses, if you want any more information about any of the above please speak to your local rep.

Trains Functional Council