4 day week

RMT continues ACAS talks over Four day week

We note the report from our Lead Officer that the letter 26.8.17 from the company regarding “progress” made at ACAS which is somewhat exaggerated and makes claims about concessions that were not made in the ACAS meeting.

Regarding the request contained in the letter that the union end the dispute; this is not currently possible and we remain in dispute at this stage.

Trains Functional update on Night Tube, 4 day week and recruitment freeze

Today (Tuesday 24th May) we had the latest in a series of meetings regarding Night Tube (NT) and the proposed trial 4 day, 36 hour week (4DW).
(Background - As part of our dispute resolution LUL agreed to look at trialling a 4DW on the Jubilee line. This was to be negotiated at a Company Council Trains Sub-Group (CCTSG) at the same time as we negotiated the introduction of NT and the long term reduction of weekend working, and the option for current drivers (TO21s) to work reduced hours.)
Night Tube

Trains Functional Update: Night Tube and Four Day Week Trial

As you all maybe aware we are now in the process of working together with LUL to sort out the detail regarding the staffing of Night Tube, such as their contracts and rosters. This includes how they will be managed on Nights, transfers and moves and ways for them to progress from part time drivers to full time and their future development. We are also going to have to work out what will happen to depots with existing Nights as well as Night Tube duties, because depots with existing night duties will now NOT be working on Friday and Saturday night as these will be Night Tube duties only.

RMT to hold referendum on four day week proposal for Tube drivers

When RMT entered the London Underground pay talks, one of our original demands was a 4 day, 32 hour week with no loss of earnings. LUL has dismissed this. A counter proposal came from staff side for a 4 day 36 hour week. LUL said that this could only be achieved if the same amount of handle turning time is completed over 4 days as it was over five. This will inevitably involve changing the Trains Framework Agreement. Simple arithmetic shows working that four eight-hour shifts is never going to equal a 36 hour week.

RMT Executive Endorses Branch Motion Calling for Four Day Working Week on Tube

EVERY JOB MATTERS – DEFENDING JOBS ON LONDON UNDERGROUND (LUL/14/5) Further to my previous Circular (IR/170/15, 17th July 2015) the General Grades Committee has considered and endorsed a resolution from Neasden Branch concerning our ongoing Every Job Matters dispute which is copied below in full.