RMT Executive Endorses Branch Motion Calling for Four Day Working Week on Tube

EVERY JOB MATTERS – DEFENDING JOBS ON LONDON UNDERGROUND (LUL/14/5) Further to my previous Circular (IR/170/15, 17th July 2015) the General Grades Committee has considered and endorsed a resolution from Neasden Branch concerning our ongoing Every Job Matters dispute which is copied below in full.

“Strike action, taken by four unions on 8/9 July was a massive show of determination from tube workers to oppose LU’s imposition of more unsociable rosters and the FftF programme on stations. Fleet members also showed their opposition to the use of agencies in the provision of training. We applaud the work done by our CofE member and RO in building a united response with the other trade unions and their counting work to bring together all transport workers under the TfL umbrella in further action. We also endorse the strategy employed to date of RMT negotiators in all three disputes. We call on our negotiators to continue raising the following central demands:-
  • No member to be required to work a greater proportion of shifts as nights or weekends than are contained in equivalent local rosters now. Where members volunteer to work additional nights/weekends then additional time off will be given.
  • LU must address all outstanding issues of dispute between us.
  • No use of agency staff in training of LU Fleet maintenance members.
  • LU must agree to work towards a four day week for all staff covered by the current pay talks.

We endorse the decisions of the CofE to call two 24 hour strikes in conjunction with the other three recognised unions in the furtherance of these demands. We support the approach of the CofE, which has been to raise the issue of escalating action with the other unions but to prioritise the unity of four unions at this stage. We condemn LUL for their divisive response to our action. It is clear that LUL are attempting to break the unity of tube staff by making different offers to train operators and refusing to suspend the implementation of station rosters while agreeing this on trains. RMT fight for a fair outcome for all grades and continue to seek support from all members for further strike action.”

The industrial action called to take place from 5th August is still in place along with the continuous overtime ban. I will keep branches informed of any further developments.