Four day week trial due to end
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The 2015 wage settlement included a number of clauses relating to work/life balance for train operators; one of these was a trial of a 36 hour, 4 day week (4DW). We are now 4 months into a 6 month trial and during this time Jubilee line managers have been compiling data about its efficiency. The trial is scheduled to end on September 2nd. It still remains the position of the RMT that at the end of the trial a referendum needs to take place of all drivers on the Jubilee line (whether they volunteered or not) to decide if it should be made permanent. 



It is management’s intention to notify all Jubilee line drivers that as from September 3rd they will be returned to the combined roster, at a position consistent to where they would have been had the trial not taken place. Then management and unions will assess the data, looking at comparative sickness levels, ONAs, lost mileage etc. At a meeting on June 28th Operations Director Peter McNaught confirmed that the company also plans to “ask if people want to continue – both those involved and those not involved” in the 4DW trial; this is consistent with the RMT’s aspirations.



In order to accommodate the 4DW the driving parameters were changed as follows:

  5 day week 4 day week

Max driving time

4h 15m  4h 45m

Max either half of duty

5h 15m     5h 45m
Max length of duty
(including 30m meal break)
8h 30m    10h 00m


Many in the RMT were deeply unhappy that our hard-fought for agreements on parameters should be changed in this way, but a referendum amongst drivers saw a small majority in favour of exploring such changes. Your TFC reps have been monitoring the trial along with local reps on the Jubilee line. At the end of the trial, following consultation with reps and members, a report will be made to the RMT National Executive seeking guidance on how to proceed.