Thales redundancies update


Further to my previous Circular (IR/339/20), Branches will recall that Thales had commenced with a redundancy process with a proposal to make 82 staff redundant from redundancy selection pools containing 137 staff.

Since Thales began implementing their proposals 20 staff have been redeployed with several more potentially being redeployed overseas. 5 staff working in Health and Safety have taken voluntary redundancy.

Our members have been receiving the union's full support. At this stage we have 10 members who remain “at risk” (7 are in the same selection pool for a single redundancy). Having reviewed the prospects and likely outcome of the redundancy programme we have 2 members at actual risk. They will continue to receive the support and representation of our Lead Officer as they seek the best outcomes for members.

Your National Executive Committee has considered a recent report from our Lead Officer and noted that RMT members remain at risk. Discussions with the employer are still continuing and the NEC has thanked the Lead Officer and LU Engineering Branch Secretary for their continued efforts in opposing the redundancies. Further updates will be placed back before the NEC as the situation develops. I trust this keeps you fully advised on the matter at present.