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Stations & Revenue Council News May 2018

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Reports are flooding in from across the combine of routine abuse of the Attendance At Work (AAW) policy.
Given these abuses, all local reps are strongly encouraged to appeal any LDI outcome other than “no further action”.Some classic lines to be on the lookout for when repping members at LDIs:

Any reference to an “automatic warning”: no warning is automatic. When a member of staff breaches the attendance standard,management should review their overall attendance before deciding whether or not to progress the case to LDI. If that decision is made, it should be justified in writing. At the LDI, the decision on whether to give a warning, and what length of warning (up to26 weeks in most cases) is discretionary.

“My hands are tied”: the CSM conducting the LDI has discretion and the final say. “The Area Manager told me I need to give a warning”  If this happens, you should lodge a grievance for breach of procedure. AMs are supposed to remain impartial from LDI processes, as they would need to rule on any potential appeal. If they’re instructing CSMs to give warnings, the entire process is compromised.

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