In the face of LU's recently-declared intention to implement MOBILE STATION SUPERVISION on ex-Silverlink stations, the planned closure of Whitechapel and potentially Vauxhall and Temple ticket offices, it's time to ramp up our organising efforts.

To this end, there are two important events next week:

1. Stations Recruitment Day. Thursday 25th July. District Line. Meet 1030, Whitechapel Station. With LU intending to close Whitechapel ticket office, it's vital to boost the membership and morale on District Line stations.

2. Stations and Revenue Grades Committee Meeting. Thursday 25th July. 1430, the Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, near Euston. This is a chance for RMT stations and revenue reps to get together to plan strategy for our fights. It's essential we get a big attendance this time. its your union, make sure you have your say.

There are challenges ahead for the RMT on stations, but if we're organised we can take on LU and defeat their plans. LU has been planning to close ticket offices since first implementing Oyster. Ten years later, Ticket Offices are still here. Not open as much as we'd like, but they wouldn't be here at all without the consistent fight we have waged. Our resistance is vital and can be effective.

This is a fight we can win

Make sure you are part of the fight back

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