Solidarity Amongst Tube Lines Members In Industrial Action Leads To Cancellation Of Tube Engineering Works

From General Secretary Bob Crow

I refer to my previous letter of 26th October 2012, as a result the solidarity and determination you have shown in pursuing your claim to have the same pension and travel rights as other LUL workers, I wish to bring to your attention the effect your action is having on planned engineering work this coming week end 3rd and 4th November 2012.

" I congratulate you on your solid support" - Bob Crow

Since the RMT served notice on Tube Lines that our members would be taking strike action and carrying out an overtime ban from Thursday 1st November 2012, scheduled maintenance work on the Northern line has had to be cancelled. I have attached the timetable which shows the cancellation of this work.

While it is important that the industrial action being taken by RMT members is effective I need to point out that no one takes joy in disrupting work which needs to be carried out. However, it is important that you show management that you will not be treated as second class citizens when it comes to your pension and travel rights, and that also you are prepared to take further action if required.

Once again I congratulate you on your solid support and will keep you updated on developments.