RMT train reps call for review into insufficient driver numbers

Update May 3rd 2019

Today your RMT TFC reps met with LUL to discuss levels on trains; the current numbers were agreed as part of the 2009 Agreement.

The formula used to determine which “Band” a depot fell in was based on various factors, including the number of duties at a depot, the position of the depot on the line, the frequency of trains, number of remote booking locations and the proximity of the train crew to a rolling stock depot.

This formula determines whether a depot is given between 20% and 25% of rostered spare duties; it also determines the number of pool drivers.

It is clear to the RMT that the number of drivers produced by this formula is insufficient to cover the duties. This means that LUL is not providing the advertised service to passengers; it also means that drivers are finding it more and more difficult to get special leave, emergency leave,
training, secondments and P&Ds.

As it has been 10 years since this formula was introduced the RMT strongly believes that a full review should be carried out and have asked LUL to provide the facts and figures we need to assess whether or not
this process is fit for purpose. We are confident that the figures will confirm our suspicions and that LUL needs to employ more drivers.

We will be meeting with LUL again soon, and will keep you updated.